Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions.  Check back later as I will update this page as more people ask more questions.

How do I change “*Your City*” to my actual city name in the top headline?

For some reason when WordPress did their most recent upgrade they unchecked the “Custom Fields” option.  This is an easy fix.  Follow these three steps and you’ll be good to go. Or click on the image below.

  1. When you are editing your home page in WordPress click on “Screen Option” in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Then click the box next to “Custom Fields”
  3. Then scroll down to the Custom Fields section where it says “top_frase” and then change “*Your City*” to your actual city name.  That’s it!

What if I don’t use all the niche lead-gen sites?

It’s important to remember to view these lead-gen sites as virtual real estate.  By using them with a keyword rich domain turns these sites into a business asset! Even if you don’t use them right away their value will increase over time as the domain name ages, it climbs in the search engine rankings, etc.

So investing the small amount for the membership site each month, plus $5-10 per domain for a year and almost nothing for hosting, it makes it a no brainer to me!

Will these lead-gen sites be sold individually?

We’ll see.  There will ONLY be 250 licenses sold for each lead-gen site.  Therefore, I am giving myself and affiliates some time to promote this offer.  When the membership level reaches 250 there will be NO individual sales.  However, if for some reason we do not sell 250 memberships then we will sell a yet-to-be-determined number of each lead-gen site.  However, the price will most likely be $27.00 each!

Clearly we want to fill up the allotment of available memberships so we’ve made the incentive to join very high!!

I’ve purchased almost all your previous lead gen sites and I am wondering if the sites in your membership are all new ones?

Yes.  They will all be new niches and the previous ones will not be part of the membership site.

Will any of the previously released lead-gen sites be available as part of this membership site?

NO!  Every lead-gen site that will be available in this membership site will be 100% brand new, never-before-released!!  We’re doing this to maintain a completely unique, one-of-a-kind product offering with this lead-gen membership site.

However, if you want one of the previously released lead-gen sites you can purchase them separately from this link… Click here for one-off LGS sites.

Can I choose what niche markets I buy?

The quick answer is no. That would defeat the whole purpose of this membership site.  If you want to pick and choose what markets to buy that’s no problem.  You can go to www.MarketingConsultantPLR.com.  However, you will pay much more per lead-gen site than you will here.

HOWEVER, you can request a niche you need and if we don’t have it already we will put it on the list.

How often are sites available for download?

When you become a member you will be able to download your first lead-gen site immediately!  The next site will be available approximately two weeks after that, then the next approximately two weeks after and so on.

Why are sites available twice per month instead of all at once?

Because it helps the consultant – you – take action and be more successful.  You only have one site to worry about at a time.  It gives you ample time to get the site up and running and generating leads.  Then by the time the next site is ready for download you’ll actually have the time available to download it and take action!

Will I know what niches are coming next?

Yes, you will know what niche is coming next.

Why do you not list out the order the niches will be delivered?

There are a couple reasons for this.  The most important reason is because consultants will pre-judge the niches.  Even though every niche is researched and 100% of them are requested by other consultants there will be some that will complain about certain niches and want us to make special arrangements, etc.  Considering the fact that we are offering these niches sites at such a low cost we’re not willing to deal with the headaches that a few minority consultants will give us.  Sorry to be harsh but we know from experience how this tends to go.

We have decided to list out all the niches to help you make the best decision possible…

Here’s a complete alphabetical listing of the sites you’ll receive in the membership site. Which is now a 6-month membership site. Stay the entire 6-months and you get 2 sites for free…

Please note that these are in alphabetical particular order and NOT the order they will be delivered in. We have chosen to do it this way to avoid customers asking things like, “Can you put this site before that site?” etc. Hope you can understand where we’re coming from.

  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Daycare Provider
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Funeral Home
  • House Painter
  • Landscape Company
  • Limo services
  • Moving Company
  • Plumber
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Roofer
  • Wedding Planner

IMPORTANT:  If you stay for the full six months you will get two (2) lead-gen sites free!

Why Does The Menu Not “Look Right” When We Add Posts to Our LGS Site?

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. It’s important to remember that these LGS sites were created in a specific way to get a specific result.  They are designed to get the visitor to opt-in to get the free report.  These sites are NOT designed to be full on blogs.  With that in mind they are not as flexible as other WordPress themes.  Why is this the case?  Because if the visitor has several different things to do they are less likely to opt-in to get the free report.
  2. Since these are to be used in local markets it is much easier to get them ranked high for local keywords.  Therefore, there is no need to have a ton of pages on the site to help with SEO.  It is simply just not needed.
  3. IMPORTANT: Even though these sites are PROVEN to convert better than the traditional, more flexible and “better looking” WordPress themes many of our customers have asked that we update our theme to a more flexible theme.  Which we have agreed to do.  And as a customer you will get automatic access to these new LGS sites when they become available.  Please note that these changes will not happen until the end of March 2012.

Lastly, if you would still like to add or change the articles/blog posts on your site, please follow the instructions on the PDF document below:

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