Here’s What Our Raving Fans Have to Say About Our Lead-Gen Site Packages!

“Your product is awesome… fantastic value being offered!”

“If you’re on the fence about this one – get it quick! This done-for-you system is a steal for anything below $97!”

“Fantastic PLR product Drew. Great real-life in the trenches useable stuff.  Love it!”

“Thanks again Drew. This is about as close as you get to outsourcing all the initial work. Looking forward to more of your lead-gen sites!”

“Thanks for another valuable lead-gen site!”

“Great example of a quality website package. You over-delivered on this one. Just getting a quality written give away report is worth 10x what you are asking. I bought one. Great product ”
Peter Maxwell

“Many thanks Drew. This is an awesome package which will help me to “join up all the dots” in creating a lead generation website for [local niche] (What a fantastic niche!). The graphics and written content you provide is of very high quality. I am really, really pleased with this package, and can’t wait to register a domain and start building the site from all that you have provided. I reckon a site like this is easily worth $100+ per month. Thanks again for a great product!”
Mark Jez

“Hey Drew! What a no-brainer of an offer!  Way cool! Thanks!”

“Just got this and all I can say is that it’s a great value and well worth the investment!”

“This is the second lead-gen site I bought from Drew. He puts out quality stuff! ”

“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I am now one Page 1 for Exact Match & Page 2 for Broad Match for my keyword with this new lead-gen site. Only took one week!  Great Stuff!”

“Just thought I would put in a good word. This product is a steal. For the little price you can’t beat it. The report alone is well worth the money. You totally overdelivered! I’ll be checking out your other products as I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews.  Keep up the good work.”

“Just checking in, I purchased this lead-gen site when you first released it as it was just to good to miss. I’ve finally got it on a domain woo hoo. Just to say thanks for a top notch site, the give away book is fantastic and filled with excellent info for the target market. Great job!”

“Thanks for another excellent PLR lead-gen site package!  This looks like an extremely profitable niche and I can’t imagine anyone putting this into use and not seeing at least a 1000% return on their small investment. This is an incredible value and I hope you keep these coming on a regular basis in the future!”
Steve Solem

“I didn’t even read the sales page. You always deliver way more than your charge so I just bought it immediately!”

“This is AWESOME stuff!  I have already taken the [local] niche from last week and put it to work. You have outdone yourself again, Drew!!!”
Seth Larrabee

“I’m in! You always provide high quality, high value products and I have no doubt this is another one. Can’t wait to dig through it. Thanks a million!”

“This [local niche] is another great piece of work. Couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and are so happy I did. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“Thank you for this lead gen website. Thanks again for providing great content!”

“You always over deliver. Love your work!”

“Thanks – excellent package!!”

“I already purchased the [local niche] lead gen site and am getting good results already. This lead-gen site is a no brainer. Competition for [local niche] is keen so this wiill help anyone going after this market.  To those of you who have never tried any of Drew’s lead-gen sites, stop waiting. The price is always a no brainer and the quality is unrivaled. Many top flight “gurus” would do well to model after Drew’s style. Top quality and an over abundance of what yu want and need.  If you snooze you’ll lose on this one!”

“Great Stuff Again! You need to produce more, more, more, I’ll buy every one! ”

“Hey Drew! Thanks for another great time & money saver! What’s the next one? ”

“I picked up the [local niche] lead gen site last week and I’ve already put it to good use so this was an absolute no-brainer. These lead-gen site packages are an excellent value and a great way to shortcut the process of getting online and collecting leads. Thanks again – highly recommended! ”
Dave Ovenden

“5 stars *****! Thanks again for providing great content!”
Oliver Fischer

“Looked at the offer and was not going to purchase initially – but when I looked at the price I could not believe the value.  So I purchased anyway and will use once I am up to speed. I have looked at many products and think the value offerred in this particular product is incredible!”
Haroon Ballim

“Thank you for this offer. It’s just perfect timing when you came out with this offer. Great stuff!”

“Can’t get much more turn-key than this for niche’s. Great value for the $! Glad I purchased. ”

“Appreciate the package. Wow! I’ll be buying your other offerings soon, as I’m a full time offline consultant and stay at home Dad.”
Sean Romero

“Got this pack without reading your text! If you’re not fast you are last with your GREAT offer!”
Peter C.

“Bought it! I went through it and I am SHOCKED – LOL – Totally amazing package!  Drew nailed his “over-delivery” motto right on the HEAD!!  Impressive!  Highly recommended to anyone serious about testing out lead generation, imagine how EASY it will be to close SEO work for [local niche markets] if you bring them a few leads!”

“Got it at the low price. Keep taking those crazy pills Drew! Good stuff.”

“Just purchased and wanted to let you know that this looks great – thank you!”

“Your products always provide excellent quality and value. Thanx! ”

“Another great product, Thanks again!”

“It was a no brainer to buy this with just the report alone and now you give us the WP Twin version as well which means I could have a site live in 5 minutes flat!  Great stuff and keep it comming!”

“I got this one too so that I can have the complete set.  Awesome quality as always and excellent value at the base price.”

“For the new year I knew I had to change my business model to something more straightforward and easy to understand. Creating a lead generation website with a well-written bait piece is worth about $1000 to me. Buying one for this low price takes all the guesswork out of it. All you’re out is the cost of the product, hosting, and some sweat equity marketing. You can even bundle the product with some social media services to create an even more compelling offer. Lease it based on lifetime customer value and it’s worth a small fortune!  Worst case scenario, if a client stops paying the site will be worth more to the next renter because you have statistical data to show! This is good stuff!”

“This one is GREAT! Of course I’m a bit biased since I have purchased the entire set and plan to purchase each upcoming offering in this Offline PLR series you have graciously been providing to us here… Your work on these packages is exceptional and at a price that is hard to believe for the ease of setting up the sites – you provide a very user friendly package! Thanks for all your hard work.”

“I just bought at the low price, and at that price the value of what we are receiving FAR exceeds the small investment. I’m fortunate to have discovered your products. Thank you!!! ”
Demond Jackson

“Picked this one up to add to the collection. Another great looking site that I’m going to put to good use! Keep them coming.”

“Okay, here’s the deal. When Drew posts a product, I purchase first, THEN go back and see what the product is. Drew’s stuff is always great, way over delivered.  I have already made money with his “home builder” lead gen site. This will be icing on the cake. Don’t ask… just order!”

“You know me – offer another one of your awesome products and I’m in!  You NEVER disappoint.  Thanks Much!”

“Just purchased – looks great! I can think of a half-dozen folks who can use this product and now that I’ve got it, it’ll give me a good reason to set ’em up with a stellar website. Thanks, Drew! ”
Jim Thorpe

“These plug and play packages are surely money in the bank!”

“Having purchased and profited from a couple of your other lead-gen sites I couldn’t help but get this one too. Especially since I have a six month old domain this will work perfectly for that I wasn’t sure what I’d do with. (Boy, that is some serious bad grammar !) Anyway, Thanks again for another great template ! Your efforts are appreciated. ”

“Purchased it without reading the sales letter. You always over-deliver! I agree with you…this is right now a super hot market! I can’t wait to implement this! Thanks for all the good work!”

“I have purchased almost everyone of Drew’s pre-made niche WSOs. Each has been well done. The articles and reports are worth the money alone.”
John Deck

“Just stumbled upon this and other lead-gen sites WSO’s. I’m buying a few of them – just too hard to pass up. I can see that the product quality is excellent…”

“Drew,  Just got this and all I can say is WOW! This is as close to a true plug and play system as I have EVER seen. I am searching for domain names now and expect to have it up and running very quickly. Thanks again for over-delivering as you usually do. Because of the size and quality of this package, I am now checking out your other products. Thanks again Drew for another Job Well Done!”

“Another product from Drew. This product is really unique and great for Offline Clients in this industry.  I’ve been through the reports and must say they will pull in the customers.  Drew you did it again! Too bad I only have 2 thumbs to put up. Drew always over-delivers!”
Shawn Peter

“Drew the quality of your lead-gen sites are outstanding and the report is awesome, thanks for such a great product!”
Mike Lucas

“Hey Drew,  Another one of your products added to my collection. Really high quality as usual. I hope you will consider adding more lead generation packages for other niches. That would be great. This is a great time saver.”
John Sullivan

“Drew, Thanks again for giving us champagne quality at a happy hour beer prices (not that I’d know anything about that). Really good stuff as usual! I have a friend in this niche that needs major help getting more customers and I think this is his ticket. I agree with John about adding more lead gen niches – count me in if you decide to add more! Keep up that crazy habit of over-delivering and under-charging stuff!”

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